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In any criminal matter, you want a team of attorneys with local and federal knowledge, important relationships and a history of success.

At Adam Miller Group, we advise clients on every kind of criminal charge, from simple traffic tickets to the most serious felony case. Brian DeSesa, who joined the firm in 2015, was a Suffolk County District Attorney, has an unparalleled understanding of the legal system on the East End of Long Island, Suffolk County and the Eastern District of New York, and is known for the successful way he navigates for his clients.

Our approach is thoughtful, fastidious and extremely personal. We are dedicated not only to understanding the facts and circumstances of your legal issue, but take the time to learn about you as a person. In the Hamptons and throughout the State of New York, our clients (many of whom are high profile) appreciate the discretion and counsel we provide, and know we take their privacy very seriously.