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One of the most critical areas of law that affects most everyone on the East End is Land Use and Zoning, which is constantly in flux.

Every Town and Village on the East End of Long Island has strict and detailed land use codes that change almost as often as the weather. From Southampton Village and Town to East Hampton Village and from East Hampton Town to the Villages of Sag Harbor and North Haven, the Adam Miller Group has relationships and insights that are invaluable. Our firm has very experienced personnel handling the local application and approval processes.

More than any other area of the law, Land Use and Zoning is one where success often depends as much on an advocate’s local reputation and credibility as it does on knowledge of intricate codes and statutes.

At the Adam Miller Group, our team of attorneys not only has deep knowledge of local laws and codes, but some of our attorneys have even served as counsel to many of the local Boards and Villages. Denise Schoen, for example, has served both the Town of East Hampton and the Village of Sag Harbor and has written some of the very laws the Boards are charged to enforce.

Attorneys Adam Miller, Denise Schoen, Haley Willis and Brian Locascio each represent clients in all of our local municipalities on the East End. Our focus is to provide clients with practical solutions for land use and zoning issues and to obtain the most expeditious and favorable results for them. Because we have strong, decades-long relationships with key decision makers, and an extraordinarily efficient team that works seamlessly, we’re able to navigate the bureaucracies in each of the municipalities saving our clients time and money.

One of the services we provide is to work closely with real estate brokers who are representing either potential purchasers or sellers.

Our legal work often includes an analysis of the zoning limitations that may impact or be advantageous to the development of listed properties. The brokers also seek our guidance and refer work to our land use team to discover potential opportunities the property has to offer for a new owner, thus unlocking value that may not have been obvious without knowledge of the applicable zoning code.