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Zoning Law


One of the most critical areas of law that affects most everyone on the East End is that of land use and zoning, which is constantly in flux.

More than any other, Land Use and Zoning are practice areas whose success often depends as much on an advocate’s local reputation and credibility as on knowledge of intricate codes and statutes. Our firm represents clients in virtually all of the municipalities on the East End. Our focus is to provide clients with practical solutions to land use issues and to obtain the most expeditious and favorable results. Additionally, we work with Buyers’ real estate brokers to understand any limitations a property being considered may have, and Seller’s attorneys to help optimally present the ways a property can be marketed.

Southampton, East Hampton and every hamlet on the East End of Long Island have strict and detailed land use codes (that change almost as often as the weather). Our firm has relationships and insights that are invaluable and our team has decades of experience handling the application and approval processes.